Graham Hunt and Jamie Cook, two experienced RICS Chartered Surveyors and Registered Valuers, provide our valuation services for both residential and commercial purposes.

We act for a diverse range of clients, offering the following services:-

Loan Security Valuations

We assess both Freehold and Leasehold interests for many established banks, lenders and financiers. Our reports are prepared in accordance with the RICS Valuation – Global Standards (“The Red Book”) which incorporate the International Valuation Standards (IVS) and the UK National Supplement.

Our particular areas of expertise include:-

  • Residential and commercial development appraisals.
  • Individual flats, multiple flats within buildings, blocks of flats and houses both for owner occupation and/or investment purposes.
  • Shops and offices with or without associated residential accommodation either with vacant possession or as an investment.
  • Houses in Multiple Occupation.

In addition to individual properties, Bowen also undertake portfolio valuations of residential, commercial or mixed use Freehold and Leasehold interests.

Development Appraisals

Bowen specialise in the appraisal of residential, commercial or mixed use developments for lenders, companies and private individuals.

An advantage of being a multi-disciplinary practice is our breadth of knowledge across all areas of the profession. For example, a fundamental aspect of a development appraisal is the assessment of build costs. Bowen regularly acts as a Lender’s Independent Monitoring Surveyor and our experienced Building Surveyors provide valuable advice when considering this element of the appraisal, together with input on the level of professional fees and build time. We are also able to comment on other aspects including the effect of the Party Wall etc., Act 1996 on a development.

We use the ProDeveloper Residual Development Appraisal software as an aid to calculating a residual value. Our assessment of the Gross Development Value is supported by our accumulated experience of valuations within our designated areas as well as from specialist providers such as LonRes and Rightmove Plus.

Taxation and Matrimonial Valuations

The HMRC may scrutinise tax assessments, such as for Inheritance (probate) or Capital Gains Tax, and it is advisable in these circumstances to seek advice from an experienced Registered Valuer where property interests are involved. We provide a report and valuation in accordance with the RICS – Global Standards for both these purposes and matrimonial disputes. With our experience of valuation and the data available to us from various specialist providers, Bowen can also assess values on a retrospective basis.

Right to Buy, Acquisition and Lease Extensions

Graham Hunt acts for Westminster City Council in providing these valuation services.

General Valuation Services

Private valuations are required in a number of circumstances such as for internal company or accounts purposes, cash buyers needing assurance on a property asset’s value or simply home owners seeking professional advice. Bowen can assist, using our many years of combined experience and the data available to us. We are able to complete a detailed inspection and provide a written report offering advice and guidance. Post valuation support is available either by email or telephone.

Houses in Multiple Occupation

Rising property values and issues with affordability have led to a marked increase in the number of Houses in Multiple Occupation, particularly in London.

There are many definitions of a House in Multiple Occupation and understanding the differences and nuances, as well as the ever increasing legislation and regulations affecting these investments, is key to determining value. Bowen is experienced in assessing various types of Houses in Multiple Occupation and offers advice on the legal and valuation implications. We undertake this service for many lenders as well as companies and individuals who have either purchased or are considering investing in a House in Multiple Occupation.